Animal Outreach Program
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Abandoned and put to the
street by her owners.
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The Little English Schoolhouse raises money through its Animal Outreach Program
hosting Food and Beverage competitions through the year.
We are focused on emergency needs such as medical attention for sick and injured
animals without owners or with special circumstances.

Cantina Habanero and its proprietor, Nataly Hoffman, is so generous as to let us
host our contests in her establishment. Which is a famous Restaurant and Bar on
the main street of Puerto Morelos.
Our Rescues
These rescue groups are created by and run by
volunteers, who take the animals in and care for
They are dedicated to pet rescue and adoption. They
take unwanted abandoned, abused, or stray pets in
and supply medical attention and care. Then attempt
to find suitable homes for them.
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Chicken Wing Contest
Meatball Contest
Margarita Contest
Needs a rescue vehicle