The Little English Schoolhouse
Puerto Morelos cause4paws
It all began with the rescue of a starving, mangy( a horrible skin
condition) female tourists would feed her until tourism fell off at
other issues resulting in a death by starvation, she had 1 week to
She not only lived but she survived 2 hurricanes in 2005, Emily in
July and Wilma in October, for most of Wilma she slept in a kitty
litter box, hence to say the kitty had to find other accommodations.
She presently lives a very happy and healthy life.
The organization is informal and requests and receives help from
the Puerto Morelos community from time to time. All donations go
directly to help pay pet bills, medicines , vaccinations, food, the
delivery of the animals...WOW
and then there is...
Lobo, Paloma and Naya...
Lobo, Paloma, Cleo and me
Sadly Cleo has since passed, she had a full and
And a friend returned to England and
we took Naya in along with
Originally I came to Mexico with my 2 cocker spaniels Chaz and Cleo. Chas died 4 years ago after being hit by a car that just
did not bother to stop, it happens a lot here, sometimes we can save them. I adopted Labo and Paloma from a litter of 8 born to a
stray living in front of one of the hotels, a coincidence sealed the deal, they were born 13 years to the day after Chaz and Cleo.
Adopt a Pet
And down front
are adoptable
Read all about him on My name is Nemo- COMING SOON
Hueso had been hit by a taxi, a common
During the two year period he sustained
these injuries and needed care, Friends of
the Animals/ Puerto Morels was there.
When his family disposed of him he was
left in the Colonial to starve but miracles
never cease. Daphne Armstrong(employee of
Alma Libre) spotted him and called Diane.
No one was caring for him, they loaded him
in the van and took him to Diane's where he
still lives.
He was rendered incontinent with sciatic
nerve damage from being struck by the
taxi, but he is happy, cared for and a great
yard dog.
He was hit by a taxi, which is as common
here as a Sunday on the beach.
His right hind leg, broken and abraded, his
left hind toes broken, the leg bruised and
also abraded. 1500 pesos!
The taxi did not stop.
He has a cast and can not walk, the pain
is too great.
His family can not manage to care for him
directly, they have 4 children.
He is living in Diane's bathroom until his
cast is removed and he can walk on his own
Then he will return home. GREAT NEWS!