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A Perfect Mix
We were up early and off to the local supplier
to buy materials...
I asked for the following:
1 bolsa de concreto( no that would be the
finished product)

Try again:
1 bolsa de cemento
2 bolsas piedra
2 bolsas polvo

Spatutti(the truck) took the load.
A Pause...
Back to work
End of day one
My neighbour... lovely women, tried to stop the tope.
We were ready for just an occasion, always be prepared.
I have to say I didn't make many friends putting a tope
in but the police were very friendly and told us to
continue on.
My name is Ms. Ana and I operate The Little English
Schoolhouse in my home .The cars passing in front of the
school drive extremely fast and without regard to the
safety of the people walking, the children playing or our
pets.  I am requesting that a tope be installed in front
of the school.  Please if it is a financial issue, the school
will do everything to come up with the funds itself. This
is very important, a person or animal could be hurt or die,
my neighbors agree. They have already put in two topes
down the block too combat the same problem.
Your immediate attention to this situation is appreciated.
Por favor, les pido su atención:
Mi nombre es Janet Anne McDonald y operar The Little
English Schoolhouse en mi casa. Los coches que pasan en
frente de la escuela tienen disco extremadamente rápido y
sin tener en cuenta la seguridad de las personas que
caminan, los niños jugando o nuestras mascotas. Yo estoy
solicitando que a tope ser instalado en frente de mi casa:
la escuela. Por favor, si se trata de una cuestión
financiera, Mi escuela hará todo lo posible para llegar a la
misma los fondos. Esto es muy importante, una persona o
animal puede ser herido o morir, mis vecinos están de
acuerdo. Que ya han puesto en dos topes de la manzana
también combatir el mismo problema.
Su atención inmediata a esta situación se aprecia.
Janet Anne McDonald
December Christmas Tope
Spring/Valentine's  Tope
Pliny the Elder "From the end spring new beginnings"
Happy Spring Everyone!
Fix what you can.
Start something new.
:Glory to God in the highest, and on earth Peace,
Luke 2:14
Joy To the World
The words are by English hymn writer Isaac Watts,
based on the second half of Psalm 98 in the Bible.
Have a great New Year