The Little English Schoolhouse
On October 23rd, 2011 my dear friends
Babs and Paul Ratliff did exactly what they
were doing about the same time the year
They went to a little town, Chemuyil, MX,
and gifted the children with baseball gloves
balls, a mini bat and a batter's helmet.
I am so fortunate to have been asked to be
a part of it!
Heads up!
Balls in the air...
Pitcher on the
Game on!
That me, Sad but true.
Hands up,
Who wants a glove?
I am so fortunate
to be able to share
in moments like
Thank you
to everyone who
made it possible!
Paul and Babs are already
planning for ,Chemuyil, next
year, shoes were a
noticeable need. The
children were taking the
bases in flip flops and
losing them in mid run. If
you want to contribute
bring some down, I will
make sure they get to them.
All sizes small and smaller.
We could not have shared this day with you in this
remarkable way if it was not for their close family
friend, Alana Korpela.
A beautiful and charming young women with an incredible
eye and an outstanding talent for telling a story with the