The Little English Schoolhouse
August 3, 2010
The Little English Schoolhouse is providing a free English clinic for the children of Puerto Morelos.
The clinic has been a great success! It is unarguable that exposing children to a new language early on builds
confidence and motivates them to continue learning English after they finish our program.  We have started an
English class for the grandmothers. They are a joy to teach and learn with. These days are extra rewarding.
The Little English Schoolhouse hosted its first English Festival.
June 23rd turned out to be the perfect day for a Summer Festival. The square was alive with children and their
parents running here and there readying for their child’s place in the program; the younger and older siblings filling
the playground. The grandmothers (Abuelitas) sat to one side waiting to showcase their new red gowns while singing I
Met Him On A Sunday by The Sherelles. Local artists lined the park to sell original designs to the visitors and part-
time locals. It was wonderful to see the town square so alive. Click here for photos Our intention is to continue to
organize an event, each quarter, which brings The Little English Schoolhouse and the community together to embrace
living and learning. The next one should take place in the fall. We are working on some ideas and will keep you
informed as one develops.
Thank you for all your support. It has brought us a long way and we hope it continues to push us further into the
With gratitude,
Ms. Ana- The Little English Schoolhouse