The Little English Schoolhouse is a non-profit project started in
Puerto Morelos to bring English to the local Spanish speaking adults
and children.
Although English is taught in the local schools, it is not at a level that
provides the students a real "working” fluency.  Additionally,  most
families do not have the funds to  send their children to English
programs.  For many of this future generation, English skills can
provide opportunities they would never encounter otherwise.

The Little English Schoolhouse has  an OUTREACH program that
donates items towards other community needs. Also, we have an
Animal Outreach Program that raises money through Beverage and
food competitions. The money is distributed to the rescues for
emergency care and surgeries.
Our heartfelt thanks go out to those that donated both supplies and
The school is a very worthy cause that we feel deeply about it and
will continue to work for its success, your donations help the school
to not only continue the  programs, but to create new opportunities
of the future.

For information: PROJECTS
The Little English Schoolhouse
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